The Cell Saver® Elite® autotransfusion system is our newest advancement in autotransfusion systems and is intended for use in surgeries in which medium- to high-volume blood loss occurs, such as trauma cases. The system delivers moderate hematocrit and helps to remove traces of undesirable components, such as free hemoglobin, and is a critical tool in helping you avoid unnecessary allogeneic transfusions. SmartSuction® technology has been integrated into the Cell Saver Elite system to increase the opportunities to reinfuse your patients with a greater number of viable red blood cells (RBCs).

Additionally, the Cell Saver Elite system provides improved data collection and transfer with an integrated bar code reader, a USB port for quick download of up to 100 stored procedures, and our proprietary BloodTrack® Manager CS application for data storage and reporting.

MCS+ 8150


Our MCS®+ 8150 multicomponent collection system is dedicated to the blood component collection of red blood cells and plasma. The device is designed to increase your donor management capability, helping you use fewer donors to achieve your collection needs, and offering versatility with multiple protocols to meet your collection goals. The MCS+ 8150 system is compact, lightweight, and mobile, and comes with a stackable transport case. As a market leader in North America, the MCS+ 8150 device has been recognized as the standard in red cell collection.





Our MCS®+ 9000 mobile platelet collection system — part of a robust family of devices with quiet performance — is dedicated to blood component collection of platelets. With proven separation technology and state-of-the-art leukocyte reduction with continuous filtration, double unit, and concurrent plasma capabilities, the device offers you a cost-effective collection from single platelet donors.

It is lightweight and portable, yet rugged enough to withstand most mobile environments. And its customized transport case doubles as a device stand for increased flexibility. The MCS+ 9000 system is simple to install and easy to operate with its automated cycles.




Our SmartSuction® Harmony® device acts as an independent suction source to replace wall suction during surgery. Its high airflow efficiently moves fluid at low suction levels. With intuitive technology, the device detects if a surgeon skims or suctions and then adjusts the suction to clear the field to help optimize surgical visualization. Additionally, SmartSuction technology has been integrated into the Cell Saver Elite system to help increase the opportunities to reinfuse your patients with a greater number of viable red blood cells (RBCs). Specific disposables are available to operate the SmartSuction Harmony device with our autotransfusion systems.


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